deb package from erlang app release

Pablo Platt <>
Mon Jan 17 02:19:14 CET 2011


I've created a release with rebar and now I'm trying to package it as deb to use 
in ubuntu.
I'm creating a deb template with dh-make and building it with debuild.
I'm getting several errors when the package is being tested with lintian.
I'm not sure if it's related to the way I'm building the package, the way rebar 
creates the release or maybe incompatibility of deb packages and erlang 

Do I need to break the release and spread it on several places on the file 
system or should I put everything under a specific folder?
In the latter, which folder? var/lib/myapp, usr/share/myapp ?

I think that RabbitMQ and Ejabberd deb packages don't use a release.
Is there an example of a deb package that does use a release?



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