[erlang-questions] Building selected modules

Jachym Holecek <>
Fri Jan 14 19:25:31 CET 2011

# Lukas Larsson 2011-01-14:
> If you do './otp_build setup && ./otp_build release' a small erlang
> release will be compiled and published into releases/$ARCH. As for only
> doing certain applications I do not know of any way, but you can always
> edit lib/Makefile which lists which applications to compile.
> This assumes that you are building from the github repo and not from the
> sources at erlang.org/download. There should however be a similar
> makefile there that you can edit. 

I vaguely remember "touch lib/<xxx>/SKIP" did the trick at some point,
a quick look at make/otp_subdir.mk suggests it might still work. This
would let one build exactly the apps one needs -- perhaps that's one
of underlying tricks of ESL?

	-- Jachym

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