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> Dnia 13-01-2011 o 16:52:23 Gijsbert <> napisał(a):
> > Hi,
> > I'd like to extend httpd_request.erl to handle the OPTIONS method.
> > I've managed to do this by copying httpd_request.erl into my project
> > and making sure it overrides the standard version.
> > My question: is it possible to redefine a function in a standard
> > module at runtime? Then I could define my own validate(Method, Uri,
> > Version) function (just a few lines) and keep using the standard
> > httdp_request.erl.
> > Regards,
> > Gijsbert
> If you like to extend httpd, you should write a module for it, instead of patching original http_request.erl. All the informations are here: You can also see how mod_get.erl and mod_head.erl are done.

Alas, my module is never called because httpd_request:validate() does
not have a clause for "OPTIONS" and returns {error,
{not_implemented, ...}}. As far as I know I cannot extend the
validation phase of httpd.

> For redefining function at runtime, you can compile and load modified module by typing "c(module)", or just load new beam by "l(module)".
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