[erlang-questions] FPGA coming around the corner

jm <>
Fri Jan 7 06:02:02 CET 2011

My simplistic guess is that they are are either
* Unaware of Erlang as a viable option.
* Are looking for a C/C++/Java solution.
* Are looking for a general purpose *high performance* language, eg, 
what Fortress is aiming to become.
* Have vested interests, eg are using panic a marketing method to raise 


On 7/01/11 3:40 PM, Edmond Begumisa wrote:
>> If the time is to come, then surely this is the *right time* for the 
>> Erlang/OTP 'product' to step up and meet the challenges and mindset 
>> that bind us daily owing to the chosen OO style forced onto us by 
>> C++/Java.
> On a related note: I'm curious -- why is it that many seem unaware of 
> Erlang's advantages with multi-core? Even vocal MP experts that are 
> advocating for the change in mindset you describe and the need for 
> programmers to be aware of the disconnect and quickly adapt -- these 
> advocates don't sound like they're aware of Erlang (at least they 
> don't mention Erlang in their talks).

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