FPGA coming around the corner

Steve Davis <>
Fri Jan 7 03:41:14 CET 2011

A very interesting article... and all the more interesting because it 
lines up with Joe's predictions.


 > “FPGAs are not used within standard computers because they are fairly
 > difficult to program, but their processing power is huge while their
 > energy consumption is very small because they are so much quicker, so
 > they are also a greener option,” said researcher Dr. Wim
 > Vanderbauwhede.

 > While most computers sold today now contain more than one processing
 > core, which allows them to carry out different processes
 > simultaneously, traditional multi-core processors must share access
 > to one memory source, which slows the system down. The scientists in
 > this research were able to make the processor faster by giving each
 > core a certain amount of dedicated memory.

If the time is to come, then surely this is the *right time* for the 
Erlang/OTP 'product' to step up and meet the challenges and mindset that 
bind us daily owing to the chosen OO style forced onto us by C++/Java.


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