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> ASUS laptops work just fine, both in 32 or 64 bits
> now, I guess this is OT :-) :

As noted by others, the most usual sources of worry for Linux are: Wireless
(WiFi) chipsets, graphics accelerator, and sound chipset, so the best
approach is to first shortlist a bunch of models, figure out the details for
those 3 worrysome parts, check the forums for compatibility issues for your
target, and if you don't find any, figure out the HW compatibility list, for
the specific version(s) of your favourtie Linux distros. The biggest source
of pain is usually the devices which are the lowest end of the market,
typically the ones which rely too much on host-CPU's computation power, and
themselves do only limited necessary yet light-weight things that CPU can't.

Coming back to Erlang, my initial experience with Erlang with Ubuntu was bit
different compared to my experience with Erlang on Windows. My installation
of Erlang on Ubuntu 9.04 took a bit more of knowledge of Ubuntu's Erlang
packaging, what might be needed (or not), so it is not (or was not) as
dumbed-down as it is on Windows. In the end however, the flexibility of
package choices was handy when I was trying to minimize disk footprint of
installed software, and could get away with much lesser that it might have
been otherwise.
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