[erlang-questions] Quick question about resetting shells

Dave Challis dsc@REDACTED
Fri Apr 15 12:06:01 CEST 2011

I'm fairly new to erlang, so when I'm working on something, my 
development cycle usually goes something like:

1. Write/change code
2. Compile using rebar / erlc
3. Start a shell using erl -pa ebin
4. Paste in commands to test changes
5. Quit shell, go to 1

Steps 3-5 usually take the longest, so I'm wondering, is there any way 
to stay in a shell, but to reset it to the default state?  I.e. the 
equivalent of calling l(module_name) to load the latest version of the 
compiled module, calling f() to clear all variables, and also destroying 
any ETS tables that might have been created.

Or is there some better way to test code changes from the shell after 
.beam files have been recompiled while it's running?

Any tips appreciated!


Dave Challis

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