[erlang-questions] Re: good dialyzer docs?

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Wed Apr 6 15:13:10 CEST 2011

Cláudio Amaral wrote:
> Good afternoon!
> I am looking for a good dialyzer manual (other than the one in the 
> Erlang man pages)
> It is hard to get a good understanding of what the tool actually is 
> doing without looking at the code or something and sometimes a weird 
> error message appears.

In dialyzer's homepage there are various papers that describe what the 
tool is actually doing without having to look at its actual code.


Of course, in order to understand what the warning messages that 
dialyzer produces you really *have* to look at your code also...

> On this subject, I got something like "function f is used but no type 
> information about it is given" although I had it defined and the 
> 'problem' was that (product of refactoring) I was calling the local 
> function with the module name, which is perfectly legal but dialyzer 
> seems to deslike it. Any particular reason?

You are sufficiently vague in your mail that it's very difficult to give 
an answer to you in what you are asking. In particular, there is no 
warning that reads "no type information is given for a function"; all 
type information is actually optional.

If you want help understanding some dialyzer warning please provide the 
exact warning and the code that exhibits it.


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