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Mon Nov 29 06:26:05 CET 2010


i build a small service where i store a huge lit of devices in a
single ets table. When i query this list, i have to make a full table
because i have to look at each device.
For optimization i want to classify the devices, so i can strore them
in different ets tables. For instance, all symbian devices will be
stored in
the symbian ets table and in the all_devices table.

My question is the following:

When i create the device and store them in both tables, symbian and
all_devices, how is it managed. Is there only one object, which is
across these two table or are there copies ? What, if a delete one
device in the symbian table? Is it still in the all_devices table?
If there are copies, i have to think about another solution, perhaps
storing the devices into mnesia.

Thanks for your help,

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