[erlang-questions] Convincing industry to use Erlang

Paulo Alexandre Ferreira paf@REDACTED
Fri Nov 26 20:59:59 CET 2010

You better not try to sell  Erlang, or any language to managers. 

You should try  selling a reliable, robust, fault-tolerant, code verified  system. 
You will do code upgrades without stopping the system. 
You can offer proofs the system is correct. 

They don't want Erlang.  They don't care about Erlang.

You will use Erlang to build the system they want.  

The advantages of language X,Y or Z are the stuff programmers care about. 
Managers care about  different things like  costs, down-time, reliability. 
Focus on that. 

My apologies if I sound  a little bit grumpy.

Paulo Ferreira 

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