[erlang-questions] crash dump at ejabberd startup

Wed Nov 17 14:43:44 CET 2010

I meanwhile also made some test with editing the intrc file as I have gone 
through the Erlang docs regarding inetrc in the mean time:

No success unfortunately.

Additional information from the FreeBSD questions mailing list on the Erlang 
14B issue:

> I believe we are facing the same issue. Our setup is ejabberd-2.1.5 in
> a FreeBSD 7.3 amd64 jail and the workaround we found is running an
> older version of erlang (erlang-r13b04_3,1). You can find the old
> erlang port files in the FreeBSD CVS repository or here:

So, even I cannot be already sure here, the issue might be caused through 
the changes in Erlang 14B as Michael said:

> epmd in R14B was changed to allow some messages (like name registrations)
> only from 127/8. 

If true, one might consider to make Erlang configurable regarding the IP 

On the short run, a second Port for the FreeBSD Ports Collection (using an 
older Erlang version) could ensure Erlang can be made available in FreeBSD 

Any other ideas / hints of course are still welcome.

kind regards

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