[erlang-questions] snmp - instrumentation functions

Martin Bjorklund mbj@REDACTED
Wed Nov 17 12:29:24 CET 2010


Inna Teiman <teiman.inna@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hello erlangers,
> My question is about the instrumentation functions for tables, e.g.
> table_access(get, RowIndex, Cols [, ExtraArgs]).
> How to process Oid = <table>.<entry>.<col>.<rowindex>, that is, how to
> take <entry> into consideration?

Note that <entry> is always 1 (this is the way SMIv2 works).

> Is there any way to apply the
> instrumentation function to the table and to treat somehow the table
> entry, together with RowIndex and Cols?

The instrumentation function is called on a per-row basis.  RowIndex
is the <rowindex> part of the OID, and Cols is a list of all <col>
with the same <rowindex> in the PDU.

I probably did not understand your question...


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