Erlang pipermail or base retrieving ?

Wed Nov 17 09:41:20 CET 2010

Hello dear Erlang staff, I'd like to import the full KB that has grown in the mailing list, yet I cannot fetch mails before I suscribed to the lists. However the old mailing list database (up to May 2009) exists in a packed and archived .GZ form here :\pipermail\eeps\pipermail\erlang-announce\pipermail\erlang-bugs\pipermail\erlang-patches\pipermail\erlang-questions

Question : since the abandon of the previous mailing list model (pipermail) can the ezmlm-based mails be packed as previously on a regular basis so that I could fetch and include them manually into my mail client (Opera) to ease browsing them off-line ?

Thanks, your dearly, David "Kochise" KOCH

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