Komodo Edit + Erlang

Edmond Begumisa ebegumisa@REDACTED
Thu Nov 11 23:21:43 CET 2010

Hello all,

Are there an Komodo Edit/IDE users out there that have written/know of a  
code intelligence extension for Erlang?

I've made myself a nice little Erlang/OTP Komodo toolbox* already (menus  
for compiling, dialyzing, edoc, etc) -- code intel is what I'm missing and  
this requires a fully-fledged extension.

To preempt any answers pointing me to 'how-to' links on adding code intel  
to Komodo: Yes, I know of the koext command but my python sucks and I'd  
prefer something working.

- Edmond -

* Send me an e-mail if you want this.

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