[erlang-questions] Erlang mail server

jeff jeffm@REDACTED
Thu Nov 11 00:10:56 CET 2010

I've been thinking along the same lines but was thinking of a 
distributed file system, eg lustre, instead of a distributed DB.


On 10/11/10 9:35 AM, Andrew Thompson wrote:
> Yeah, gen_smtp is the only thing that even comes close, to my (biased)
> knowledge, but its a SMTP/MIME toolkit, not a complete mailserver (but
> you could build one with it). You'd need to write some kind of mail
> storage and then expose the mail to the users somehow
> (IMAP/POP/mbox/maildir).
> Someday I'd like to write a distributed mailserver using gen_smtp that
> stores mail to riak or mnesia or something and lets you access your mail
> from any host in the cluster (and send from any of them). No chance of
> that happening any time soon, though, because I don't need such a thing
> for anything other than a toy.

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