[erlang-questions] ANNOUNCE: ibrowse-2.1.0

Evgeniy Khramtsov xramtsov@REDACTED
Wed Nov 10 18:47:38 CET 2010

11.11.2010 02:24, Ahmed Omar wrote:
> what's about lhttpc?
> http://bitbucket.org/etc/lhttpc/wiki/Home
> It has a list of limitations, but what about performance measures? any
> benchmarks or comparisons?

We have no benchmarks, but we have some experience with both in 
production environment. In some projects where we need statefull http 
connections we use ibrowse, but in projects where we need stateless 
(Connection: close) connections with very high rate (thousands 
connections per second) we use lhttpc. Also, lhttpc code is pretty 
compact and, thus, easily to understand :)

Evgeniy Khramtsov, ProcessOne.

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