ANNOUNCE: ibrowse-2.1.0

Chandru chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Wed Nov 10 07:29:23 CET 2010

ibrowse-2.1.0 has been released.

ibrowse is a HTTP client written in erlang as an alternative to the
built in HTTP client httpc.

Get it from

Release notes:
  * Fixed build on OpenSolaris. Bug report and patch from

  * Fixed behaviour of inactivity_timeout option. Reported by
    João Lopes.

  * Prevent atom table pollution when bogus URLs are input to
    ibrowse. Bug report by João Lopes.

  * Automatically do Chunked-Transfer encoding of request body
    when the body is generated by a fun. Patch provided by
    Filipe David Manana.

  * Depending on input options, ibrowse sometimes included multiple
    Content-Length headers. Bug reported by Paul J. Davis

  * Deal with webservers which do not provide a Reason-Phrase on the
    response Status-Line. Patch provided by Jeroen Koops.

  * Fixed
    This was reported by Filipe David Manana.

  * Fixed
    This was reported by Dan Kelley and Filipe David Manana.

  * Added ibrowse:stream_close/1 to close the connection
    associated with a certain response stream. Patch provided by
    João Lopes.

  * Prevent port number being included in the Host header when port
    443 is intended. Bug reported by Andrew Tunnell-Jones


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