Why Erlang/OTP binaries are available only for Win32 ?

Icarus Alive icarus.alive@REDACTED
Sun Nov 7 19:00:16 CET 2010

wondering as to what is the reason that Erlang/OTP binaries are
available only for win32 and not for Linux (and it's variants), BSD
etc. ?
given the nature of Erlang, it seems a bit unusual that it's binaries
are available for a platform that is predominantly a desktop OS, but
none for more server-oriented OSs. Of course, making it available on
windows, may help a part (possibly large) of the developer community,
but when it comes to deploying Erlang applications, user runs into lot
of trouble. With the Ubuntu 9.10, after bit struggle I did manage to
install Erlang R13, but then on CentOS, the best I can do with
EPEL-5.3 is R12, while R14 is already out since Sept-15th. Searching
through sugestions or how-to's, on installing Erlang on CentOS, it's
amazing to find how much trouble it can be, even building it from

So, is it only because there hasn't been a maintainer who is available
for packages on these other OSs, which BTW is quite understandable, or
there is something more to it ?

Awareness about Erlang is growing, and it's popularity is rising,
however the speed of adoption may grow much more, if getting Erlang on


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