Is gen_server behavior in R14B hibernate friendly?

Zvi zvi.avraham@REDACTED
Sat Nov 6 23:51:54 CET 2010

I re-reading Erlang at Facebook slides. And found this. Is this still
an issue?


Drastically shrink memory usage with erlang:hibernate/3
▪ Throws away the call stack
▪ Minimizes the heap
▪ Enters a wait state for new messages
▪ “Jumps” into a passed-in function for a received message
▪ Perfect for a long-running, idling HTTP request handler
▪ But ... not compatible with gen_server:call (and gen_server:reply)
▪ gen_server:call has its own receive() loop
▪ hibernate() doesn’t support have an explicit timeout
▪ Fixed with a few hours and a look at gen.erl"

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