[erlang-questions] Browser based bittorrent application in Erlang?

Alexander Harju alexander.harju@REDACTED
Wed Nov 3 17:57:52 CET 2010

No I wouldn't think so, unless you write the browser in Erlang.
// Alex

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 5:40 PM, rgowka1 <rgowka1@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hi -
> What would you use to develop a Browser based bittorrent application
> in Erlang. Something along the lines of http://www.bitlet.org.
> I am guessing that, Bitlet uses a Java Applet running in the browser
> to send and receive data. What would be a more suited technology to
> use with Erlang? Is there something in Erlang that could be used to
> run a small VM in the browser?
> thanks,
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