[erlang-questions] R14B compile failure on Ubuntu 9.04

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Wed Nov 3 15:38:27 CET 2010

andrew mmc writes:
 > Hi there,
 > I'm still having problems identifying what is the problem with compilation
 > on Ubuntu Jaunty:
 > pthread/ethr_event.c:92: Fatal error in wait__(): Function not implemented
 > (38)
 > What could be causing this error, does anyone know how I may fix it?

The futex syscall at erts/lib_src/pthread/ethr_event.c:92 failed
with ENOSYS.  That's not expected, and may be a kernel configuration
error or an error in the kernel headers (esp. unistd.h).

If it has been a case of the Erlang VM giving it bad parameters it
would have failed with EINVAL or EFAULT instead.

Bug your distro about it, or try Fedora instead.

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