Conceptual questions on key-value databases for RDBMs users

Silas Silva silasdb@REDACTED
Tue Nov 2 21:14:42 CET 2010

This is a message I sent to the nosql-discussion@REDACTED
discussion group.  I thought it might be interesting to send it
erlang-questions, so here we go...

Hi all!

I have used SQL RDBMSs for some time.  I've never used any very advanced
feature, but I know enough of it to make database applications.

Nowadays, I decided it would be interesting to learn some NoSQL
databases concepts.  So I decided to pick up some Erlang and Mnesia, its
native key-value database.  More than scalability itself, the most
valuable feature for me is the possibility of replication and
synchronization between nodes.

But all pros have cons as companion.  The lack of a relationship model
is difficult for who is used to RDBMSs.  So, my question is:

* Is there any guide, tutorial, book, whatever, that tries to introduce
  NoSQL databases to SQL users?

* Key-value databases are surprising simple.  I know you solve
  relationship by denormalizing data.  What data should be normalized?
  What shouldn't?  How do you update denormalized data?

Sorry for such simple and general questions.  Things were simple up to
the moment that I realized that it would be easily solved with a JOIN
SQL statement.  :-)

Thank you very much!

Silas Silva

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