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Gianfranco Alongi <>
Mon Mar 29 16:01:18 CEST 2010

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In the process of development Erlyvideo I inferred from the project support MPEG-TS
in a separate library:
Make absolutely standalone library as a RTMP does not work, because
it takes a lot and actively get into the structure of H.264 stream.

At the moment the library is designed for two purposes: to take MPEG-TS
stream from H.264/AAC content (the main source - VLC)
and give the MPEG-TS (consumers - iPhone, VLC or erlyvideo).

The question is: if someone else needed such functionality
separately from erlyvideo, could be discussed.

I have not tried to capture raw MPEG-2 stream, but problems with this
is not very much.


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> I think english would be better :)

Yes, I've missed mailing list and repeated here next message in english.

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