Erlang and MPEG-TS

Max Lapshin <>
Mon Mar 29 14:23:11 CEST 2010

During Erlyvideo development, I've extracted MPEG-TS library:

It requires basic library:
because working with MPEG-TS streams
requires active working with H.264 stream.

Currently library can accept inbound MPEG-TS stream with H.264/AAC
content (primarily from VLC, maybe DVB-T will work),
and stream outbound MPEG-TS (forVLC and even for iPhones!)

If someone requires this functionality, it will be good to discuss. I
haven't tried to accept raw MPEG-2 stream, but think it will be not
hard to.

P.S. Sorry for first letter in russian, I've missed two mailing lists.

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