[erlang-questions] Dialyzer type complexity limit

Bernard Duggan <>
Wed Mar 17 02:39:55 CET 2010

Kostis Sagonas wrote:
>> * Am I right in my assessment of what's going on?
> More or less right, but I am a bit confused by your 23 -- I thought it
> was actually a bit less than that -- 13 to be exact.
Ah, I can explain that.  I presumed the issue was occurring in a
compound type we had made up of a 10 atom type and a 19 atom type.  I
was editing the latter and got it down to 13, but I assumed it was the
larger sum that caused the issue.  13 also makes perfect sense though -
obviously (had I looked more closely), the errors that we got were
actually specific to the places we were using the 19 element one on its
>> external configuration or in the source code, to adjust this limit?  A
>> quick scan through the source code showed me only that the people who
>> wrote it are much smarter than me ;)
> Yes, we are ;-)  We've succeeded in hidding this in a place nobody
> would possibly search for...  in a file called erl_types.erl.  Anyway,
> change the following line to a number you do not feel confident it
> matches your needs:
> lib/hipe/cerl/erl_types.erl:-define(SET_LIMIT, 13).
That (plus the fact that I was looking for a number around 23) would
explain it.  I was foolishly looking in the dialyzer source tree :)
> The answer is "yes, of course it is possible" but doing this in the
> near future is of quite low priority to us.
No problem - I may even investigate writing a patch for it myself "when
I have time" :)

Thanks a lot for the reply.



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