[erlang-questions] About the pattern of services implemented by Erlang

Eric Newhuis <>
Sat Mar 13 14:27:00 CET 2010

I have had success using a load-balancer like Lighttpd or Nginx that connects to N Erlang services.  The Erlang services worry about restarting themselves and the load-balancer handles the outside illusion.

There are the excellent webmachine for JSON et al and NoSQL databases like Riak--all of which can be load-balanced from the outside and can be used in a highly-available context.

On Mar 12, 2010, at 9:48 PM, 钱晓明 wrote:

> Hi, I want to implement a service by Erlang communicating with other
> language, such as c/c++, java, c#. Is there any common pattern I can use ?
> This erlang service receives requests and parameters from other softwares
> implemented by other language. I though TCP socket(gen_tcp) may be works.
> And I also want this service is high available, so if it crashed, a new
> service process will be started in same server computer( or another computer
> if that one is shutdown). For this, should I must use another computer to
> monitor the service process? Can supervisor module fit me? If the service is
> implemented using TCP socket, and if it is restarted in another computer,
> the client must to find the new node to submit request. This is also a
> question. So, Is there any common pattern I can use?

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