About the pattern of services implemented by Erlang

钱晓明 <>
Sat Mar 13 04:48:41 CET 2010

Hi, I want to implement a service by Erlang communicating with other
language, such as c/c++, java, c#. Is there any common pattern I can use ?
This erlang service receives requests and parameters from other softwares
implemented by other language. I though TCP socket(gen_tcp) may be works.

And I also want this service is high available, so if it crashed, a new
service process will be started in same server computer( or another computer
if that one is shutdown). For this, should I must use another computer to
monitor the service process? Can supervisor module fit me? If the service is
implemented using TCP socket, and if it is restarted in another computer,
the client must to find the new node to submit request. This is also a
question. So, Is there any common pattern I can use?

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