Tilera processors

Jay Nelson <>
Fri Mar 5 12:47:22 CET 2010

Here are the promised results of my questionnaire:

8 responses (I guess that says a lot by itself)

  - I would only use a free service: 3
  - I can test remotely for a day or more: 1
  - I need it onsite for a week or more: 2
  - I have >$10K and want it in my hands: 2

6 want to test an erlang app or idea, 1 wants to test something else.

I was looking for a way to amortize the cost across several  
participants to see if we could share a single board or service for  
testing.  Can the two respondents with >$10K contact me (see http:// 

One of the hurdles is the high cost of their software which is  
required on the first unit, and is likely unnecessary for erlang  
testing if the released erlang/OTP runs on it directly.


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