[erlang-questions] Cross compiling R13B04 for MIPS CPU running linux works

Rickard Green <>
Tue Mar 2 22:54:44 CET 2010

2010/3/1 Matthias Lang <>:
> Hi,
> R13B04 has brand-new support for cross-compiling. Big thanks to
> Rickard Green for tackling that ugly job.
> Compiling R13B for a MIPS-32 big endian CPU running linux worked first
> try (!), all I did was make an erl-xcomp file with three lines changed
> from the template:
>  erl_xcomp_build=guess
>  erl_xcomp_host=mips-linux

Always nice to hear that it works.

> Questions:
>  1. Do you want the erl-xcomp file I made?
>     On one hand: I don't know of anyone else running Erlang on that
>     CPU (an Au1000, which runs the control system on Corelatus' GTH
>     hardware).
>     On the other hand: the next person with a weird target would probably
>     be happy to see that they're not setting off into "only OTP have
>     done this" territory.

Yes, please. I think it's good with example configurations that people
can have a look at when creating their own configurations.

>  2. On targets where disk space is precious, it's nice if the .beams
>     are compressed. On earlier releases, I did that that by including
>     +compressed in ERL_COMPILE_FLAGS (by patching the makefile).
>     Is there a better way to do that now?
>     I had a quick look, couldn't find one, thought I'd ask before
>     I invent my own method, possibly putting the .beams in an archive
>     while I'm at it.

I haven't looked at this, but this is of course interesting for small
embedded systems.

I had a look in beam_lib and it seems that the strip_release/1
function also compresses the result, so invoking the following after
building the system should get you a slim system:
  $ERL_TOP/bootstrap/bin/erl -noshell -noinput -eval

This will however remove the debug info too, which perhaps isn't what
you wanted. I think it would be nice to be able to add the +compressed
flag without having to patch the makefiles, so I'll try to have a look
at it before R14.


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