Cross compiling R13B04 for MIPS CPU running linux works

Matthias Lang <>
Mon Mar 1 15:49:19 CET 2010


R13B04 has brand-new support for cross-compiling. Big thanks to
Rickard Green for tackling that ugly job.

Compiling R13B for a MIPS-32 big endian CPU running linux worked first
try (!), all I did was make an erl-xcomp file with three lines changed
from the template:



  1. Do you want the erl-xcomp file I made? 

     On one hand: I don't know of anyone else running Erlang on that
     CPU (an Au1000, which runs the control system on Corelatus' GTH

     On the other hand: the next person with a weird target would probably
     be happy to see that they're not setting off into "only OTP have
     done this" territory.

  2. On targets where disk space is precious, it's nice if the .beams
     are compressed. On earlier releases, I did that that by including
     +compressed in ERL_COMPILE_FLAGS (by patching the makefile).

     Is there a better way to do that now?

     I had a quick look, couldn't find one, thought I'd ask before
     I invent my own method, possibly putting the .beams in an archive
     while I'm at it.


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