[erlang-questions] utf-8 PB

Angel Alvarez <>
Wed Jun 16 18:31:06 CEST 2010

The shell has no trouble displaying uft8 chars

ive made some string in spanish compiled propely if you save the source code as latin1 but no luck if you use utf8 editors

Also you cat do io:get_line data and get that data displayed properly but when you have compiled strings in the code it in utf8 mode it doesnt work...

If you manage to get some feedbak form the list, drop me a line :-(

Regards, Angel

El Miércoles, 16 de Junio de 2010 16:53:31 Jean-Yves F. Barbier escribió:
> Debian sid
> erlang-base-hipe 1:13.b.4-dfsg-6
> ===========================
> Hi list,
> I'm brand new to Erlang, and fighting with UTF-8 display.
> On command line, an io:format("~ts~n", ["âèéàçöô"]). works perfectly,
> however into a module it don't work at all:
> start() ->
>    Label = "âèéàçöô",
>    io:format("~ts~n", [Label]).
> returns: âèéàçöô
> iconv the erl file from utf8 to iso8859-1 didn't changed anything.
> I read a lot, and saw there's unicode:xxx orders, but examples aren't
> talking to me and I don't understand very much how it works.
> I also need to display utf8 right into wxerlang (and don't see how to
> do that either)
> JY

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