Enhancement proposal to edoc

Fredrik Andersson <>
Tue Jun 15 10:08:28 CEST 2010

Hi fellow Erlang users

I am currently in the process of joining a existing project and the current
state of documentation of it is quite poor. I still figured that I would
generate the edoc documentation for it and get a quick overview of the different
modules available.

Now I'm wondering if it would be possible to extend Erlang or edoc so that we
can specify a class on different exports. This would enable the general Erlang
templates to specify a callback class on the standard callback functions in OTP
and make for an easier separation.


%% API: API %this could be a general default
-export([my_trixy_function_of_doom, ..]).

%% API: callbacks
-export([handle_info, handle_cast]).

%% API: Internal callbacks

I know that this will not solve my general problem with lack of documentation
but since most people that write Erlang uses some standard template I figured
that functionality that can be utilized to enhance a template is still usable on
a poorly documented document.

Thoughts? Comments?

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