[erlang-questions] Re: Volunteers wanted for new project

Michael Richter <>
Fri Jul 23 14:08:37 CEST 2010

On 23 July 2010 16:01, Tim Fletcher <> wrote:

> According to Google there are 170 global monthly Google searches for
> "java c parser", and < 10 for "erlang c parser" and "prolog c parser".
> Compared to 151,000,000 for "lady gaga".

Puts some perspective on things, doesn't it?

(A bit too much damned perspective for my tastes!)

"Perhaps people don't believe this, but throughout all of the discussions of
entering China our focus has really been what's best for the Chinese people.
It's not been about our revenue or profit or whatnot."
--Sergey Brin, demonstrating the emptiness of the "don't be evil" mantra.

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