Volunteers wanted for new project

Tim Fletcher <>
Thu Jul 22 15:07:23 CEST 2010

> I can safely say this (and I said it before): Erlang universe is a fragmented mess :)


> What Erlang needs is an erlangforge.

Except that would be yet *another* site for hosting/listing erlang
projects, which would only increase the fragmentation.

I don't think we need a new site for hosting/listing projects, just
better organisation of what already exists. The current erlang.org
isn't too far off what we need in spirit, it just needs freshening up.
What's the status of demo.erlang.org?

Combining functionality from other sites with the same design/domain
of erlang.org would reduce the fragmentation, i.e. how about moving...

  tryerlang.org to try.erlang.org

  planeterlang.org to planet.erlang.org

  totally-erlang.com to jobs.erlang.org

  trapexit.org to wiki.erlang.org

... and then re-designing all of them so they have consistent styling/
navigation. These could still be hosted by non-Ericsson individuals/
companies, just with the blessing of Ericsson.

Then add a single listing of projects, either maintained by willing
and enthusiastic volunteers, or by project maintainers. Use an
existing authentication mechanism (e.g. OpenID) so that we don't need
any additional logins.

The Ruby community did something similar with their "Visual Identity
Team" (http://rubyidentity.org/) a few years back.



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