[erlang-questions] Volunteers wanted for new project

Dmitrii Dimandt <>
Thu Jul 22 13:48:02 CEST 2010

Just to chip in... I've been running a Russian news site on Erlang for 4 years now, I think. I've been following so much Erlang that it doesn't fit my head anymore :)

Right now I probably know more abut various Erlang-related projects than anybody on the list :) I have over 200 links on the site mostly pointing to various erlang projects/code sources/repositories and the like.

I can safely say this (and I said it before): Erlang universe is a fragmented mess :) There's code on github (most of it), theres code on bitbucket, on google code... There are small projects that people put up on various blogs without ever bothering to post it to github. There is a small number of personal repositories...

All in all, when you're trying to find anything erlang-related... You're out of luck. Unless the project has gained track in the community or some publicity (YXA, Mochiweb, Riak etc.). 

What Erlang needs is an erlangforge. I've owned the domain for a year and didn't have time to do anything with it :( I own the erlforge.com domain (heck, just renewed it :)) and I'm willing to setup it anyway you want for anyone who can create an erlforge :)

In my view it should track various source hosting sites (like project.trapexit.org does) but also host copies of projects that are released simply as .zip-files and the like.

On Jul 22, 2010, at 13:58 , Ulf Wiger wrote:

> I think that http://projects.trapexit.org/ seems like a
> reasonably good fit for what you are asking for.
> It crawls github, sourceforge, bitbucket and google code
> searching for erlang-related projects. If you have an
> account (free of charge) on trapexit, you can rate
> components, and add comments/info on related trapexit
> forums and wiki.
> There are several improvements that could be considered.
> One is to move it to faster hardware. Please give feedback.
> BR,
> Ulf W
> Dale Harvey wrote:
>> On 22 July 2010 09:33, Joe Armstrong <> wrote:
>>> What I want is a "report a resource" thing on the web.
>>> All you should have to do is go to a web site fill in a form with the
>>> following:
>>>          resource type: erlang
>>>          reported by: <name>
>>>          url: <url>
>>>          keywords: <k1,k2,k3>
>>>          description: <....>
>>>          <click>
>>> [...]
>>> We also need a search engine to answer resource queries.
>>>   My guess is that a reputation based system would be pretty good. I
>>>   don't want to name names but we all know that if <XYZ> recommended
>>>   something it must be pretty good.
>>> So if this doesn't exist I think we should build it as a group effort.
>>> Even if it does exist we should build it, I'll tell you why later.
>> Most open source projects live in github these days, including most erlang
>> ones, we can search based on languages and keyword, followers / watchers is
>> a reputation system.
>> I think we already have this, just a matter of making sure the rest use it
>> (and possibly a custom / improved search?)
> [...]
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