gen_server2 proliferation

Tim Fletcher <>
Wed Jul 21 11:14:55 CEST 2010

> Short of military tribunal, does anyone have a thought on how to resolve this?

I posted about this a while ago, but nobody commented:

Is it possible to just use gen_server2 when starting processes (i.e.
gen_server2:start_link etc), and use gen_server for all other calls
(i.e. gen_server:call etc)? That's a smaller change to make than using
gen_server2 all over.

I don't think including a copy of gen_server2 in every project is
sensible, but that's my opinion. Alternatives seem to be listing it as
a dependency, or as you say, prefixing the project name (e.g.
riak_gen_server.erl). The former is more hassle for users of a
project, the latter is not much different from including gen_server2
except that you don't get clashes with coexisting projects.

> Is there a common set of changes that could possibly make
> it into Erlang?

There was a thread about the possibility of merging the changes back
into OTP:

Not sure if anything came of that (?).


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