linked in driver port performance

Vinubalaji Gopal <>
Wed Jul 14 05:28:35 CEST 2010

Hi all,
  I have been digging hard to write a port linked in driver which would
perform better and most of my searches resulted in dead threads (like
and most of my experiments did not give me any good results . I tried to use
async threads but I am not able to call these async threads asynchronously.
If I try to make multiple erlang processes open the same port it just fails
saying that the driver has become permanent. If I try to open a single port
driver  - I have to do that in a single gen_server and it blocks when I
call  port_command - so all the messages are queued and processed
sequentially. Is there a way to write a linked in driver which will perform
better and/or better links to help (I have read the erl_driver
documentation, erl_ddll documentation numerous times).


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