[erlang-questions] Let's start a project for a (MMO-)Game in Erlang... (inspired by "Erlang: Who uses it for games?")

Boris Mühmer <>
Sun Aug 29 08:21:47 CEST 2010

First of all, thank You very much for Your response! In my
(first) answer I will only address a few of Your suggestions.

2010/8/23 Joe Armstrong <>:
> I like the idea of an MMO-game infrastructure in Erlang - I think to
> do this we need to make
> a highly modular architecture with pluggable components. If these talk

Basically this is what I wanted to do, but (currently) I don't
know how to implement "pluggable components" using Erlang/OTP.
Somehow I still lack the necessary Erlang/OTP "thinking".

Using C#/.Net I would define some interfaces, implement them in
various classes/assemblies, and (ab-)use reflection to find and
load them... not to mention some AppDomain magic (to succesfully
get rid of dynamically loaded stuff).

> [...]
> Another possibility would be to rip out the SDL/OpenGL part of wings
> (http://www.wings3d.com/) and make something like love with erlang
> replacing lua.

I was thinking about a "pure" OpenGL Interface like "freeglut"
first, but it would be not enough for a game. After that I had
a brief look at wings, because of the SDL interface. Than I
thought OGRE (http://www.ogre3d.org/) or Open Scene Graph
(http://www.openscenegraph.org/) would be more suitable
environments for a game client.

But when I started this fork of the thread, I saw from the
responses that the client would be the real hard part to
implement, because every single person hat a least one other
idea what would be needed for the client.

I am looking at wings (and yaws) from time to time now to see
how "things" can be done in Erlang. I think I will also look at
ejabberd and CouchDB. This is not just to learn from those
projects but also to reuse them.

Still my primary goal is to learn more about Erlang and OTP
first... so PEMMOX might be stalled a bit...

  - boris

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