[erlang-questions] very large distributed implementation?

Masklinn <>
Tue Aug 17 10:50:35 CEST 2010

On 2010-08-17, at 03:05 , Michael Truog wrote:
> Any Erlang code that works on 100s or 1000s of nodes is unlikely to use
> the distributed Erlang mode because of the heartbeat message that is
> used every minute (i.e., so local network backbones that are not
> expected to go down).  That means that such Erlang code is likely to
> utilize tcp, udp, etc. with custom code that manages consistency.

Also, I believe distributed erlang works on the basis of nodes being trusted, which probably wouldn't be the case for a distributed computing projects, and probably LAN nodes as well, I don't know how it'd cope with internet latency.

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