[erlang-questions] OOP in Erlang

Ngoc Dao <>
Wed Aug 11 13:20:56 CEST 2010

> when defending his PhD thesis, Joe was asked about it and basically said that at the time

>From http://www.infoq.com/news/2010/07/objects-smalltalk-erlang

Joe Armstrong's thesis advisor is quoted making a very similar argument:

I started wondering about what object oriented programming was and I
thought Erlang wasn't object oriented, it was a functional programming
language. Then, my thesis supervisor said "But you're wrong, Erlang is
extremely object oriented". He said object oriented languages aren't
object oriented. I might think, though I'm not quite sure if I believe
this or not, but Erlang might be the only object oriented language
because the 3 tenets of object oriented programming are that it's
based on message passing, that you have isolation between objects and
have polymorphism.

Dr. Armstrong indicates he is not entirely convinced by his advisor's
arguments, but does seem to think that Erlang "might be the only
object oriented language."

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