[erlang-questions] Cross compilation and testing

Fabian Bergström <>
Tue Apr 20 11:43:29 CEST 2010

Den 19 april 2010 10.38 skrev Fabian Bergström <>:
> I ran otp_build tests and copied the tests over to the host I compiled
> Elrang for but ts:install() doesn't seem to like it, it cannot find a
> suitable compiler and a quick look at the code seems to indicate it
> just
> looks for win32 or unix as the target name to decide how to install.
> Is
> there a way I can do a staged install of the test server?

Please disregard this, after I installed gcc-symlinks and
binutils-symlinks, ts:install() worked. I had to make run_make
executable before tests would run, though.

Fabian Bergström

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