Cross compilation and testing

Fabian Bergström <>
Mon Apr 19 10:38:39 CEST 2010


I'm building Erlang for ARMv7, and otp_build makes it really easy, but
have a few issues.

I want to compress all beam files, so I have a script that removes the
prebuilt beamfiles between "otp_build boot" and "otp_build release"
edits the target like this:

sed -i 's/\+debug_info/\+compressed/' < make/arm-angstrom-linux-

This is horribly non-futureproof, but I was hoping to find a better
than having to patch Is there a less intrusive way for
configuring the erlc options when building OTP?

I would also like to test that the emulator works correctly when I
-Os during compilation of it.
I ran otp_build tests and copied the tests over to the host I compiled
Elrang for but ts:install() doesn't seem to like it, it cannot find a
suitable compiler and a quick look at the code seems to indicate it
looks for win32 or unix as the target name to decide how to install.
there a way I can do a staged install of the test server?

Fabian Bergström

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