[erlang-questions] automatically net-configuring node with net_kernel:start/1

Anthony Molinaro <>
Sat Apr 10 21:51:42 CEST 2010

You might check out nodefinder


It provides various mechanisms for self configuration including multicast,
ec2 tools or s3.

These all end up using net_adm:ping to join the group, so probably would
not exhibit the problems you are seeing.

We used this quite extensively in ec2, to dynamically grow and shrink
our erlang cluster.


On Thu, Apr 08, 2010 at 04:32:21PM -0800, UENISHI Kota wrote:
> I'm writing a self-configuring node cluster with net_kernel:start/1.
> It starts without -name nor -sname option and gets its IP adress from
> inet:getif/0.
> And they configure themselves with net_kernel:start/1 as follows:
> net_kernel:start( [ '', longnames ] ).
> Servers find each other by sending its longname by UDP broadcasting,
> and they connects each other.
> The problem is, starting erl without -name option it doesn't kick epmd
> and following net_kernel:start/1 fails in tcp_inet_dist:listen (maybe
> because of epmd not running).
> And another way - starting with -name option with bad ip address ( or
> local ip) makes net_kernel:start/1 result in {error, not_allowed}.
> Is it a wrong to think that if epmd would start when
> net_kernel:start/1 had been called, isn't it?
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> UENISHI Kota from PC :D
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