automatically net-configuring node with net_kernel:start/1

Fri Apr 9 02:32:21 CEST 2010

I'm writing a self-configuring node cluster with net_kernel:start/1.
It starts without -name nor -sname option and gets its IP adress from
And they configure themselves with net_kernel:start/1 as follows:

net_kernel:start( [ '', longnames ] ).

Servers find each other by sending its longname by UDP broadcasting,
and they connects each other.

The problem is, starting erl without -name option it doesn't kick epmd
and following net_kernel:start/1 fails in tcp_inet_dist:listen (maybe
because of epmd not running).
And another way - starting with -name option with bad ip address ( or
local ip) makes net_kernel:start/1 result in {error, not_allowed}.

Is it a wrong to think that if epmd would start when
net_kernel:start/1 had been called, isn't it?

UENISHI Kota from PC :D

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