Mnesia deadlock with large volume of dirty operations?

Brian Acton <>
Fri Apr 2 01:11:05 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

I am running R13B04 SMP on FreeBSD 7.3. I have a cluster of 7 nodes running

I have a table of 1196143 records using about 1.504GB of storage. It's a
reasonably hot table doing a fair number of insert operations at any given

I decided that since there was a 2GB limit in mnesia that I should do some
cleanup on the system and specifically this table.

Trying to avoid major problems with Mnesia, transaction load, and deadlock,
I decided to do dirty_select and dirty_delete_object individually on the

I started slow, deleting first 10, then 100, then 1000, then 10000, then
100,000 records. My goal was to delete 192593 records total.

The first five deletions went through nicely and caused minimal to no

Unfortunately, the very last delete blew up the system. My delete command
completed successfully but on the other nodes, it caused mnesia to get stuck
on pending transactions, caused my message queues to fill up and basically
brought down the whole system. We saw some mnesia is overloaded messages in
our logs on these nodes but did not see a ton of them.

Does anyone have any clues on what went wrong? I am attaching my code below
for your review.


Mnesia configuration tunables:

      -mnesia no_table_loaders 20
      -mnesia dc_dump_limit 40
      -mnesia dump_log_write_threshold 10000

Example error message:

** WARNING ** Mnesia is overloaded: {mnesia_tm, message_queue_len,

Sample code:

Select = fun(Days) ->
         {MegaSecs, Secs, _MicroSecs} = now(),
         T = MegaSecs * 1000000 + Secs - 86400 * Days,
         TimeStamp = {T div 1000000, T rem 1000000, 0},
                       [{'<', {element, 3, '$1'},
                     {TimeStamp} }],

Count = fun(Days) -> length(Select(Days)) end.

Delete = fun(Days, Total) ->
         C = Select(Days),
         D = lists:sublist(C, Total),
         lists:foreach(fun(Rec) ->
                       ok = mnesia:dirty_delete_object(Rec)

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