New version of LFE, Lisp Flavoured Erlang

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Tue Oct 20 00:23:33 CEST 2009

I have just released LFE 0.5. It is, as usual, long overdue and contains
some nice goodies:

- Added macro list*.

- Added a new shell command to set variables in the shell.

- Cleaned up compiler options and made them more like the vanilla compiler.

- Added unicode types to binaries: utf-8, utf-16 and utf-32.

- Shell and compiler now print error data in LFE instead of vanilla. Shell
error reporting still pretty basic, not as "beautiful" as vanilla.

- Cleaned up i/o functions and added formatted output function. Still use
vanilla command characters.

- All i/o goes through then module lfe_io. The functions which return the
corresponding printable string end in 1. So lfe_io:format prints formatted
output while lfe_io:format1 returns the string.

- Improved pretty-printing.

- Many internal improvements.

As usual it can be found on both and github <>

On github v0.5 is tagged and on the master branch, generally any commit on
the maser branch, at least the more recent, can be loaded as they should be
consistent. If you take the develop branch you are on your own.


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