trading systems

Viktor Sovietov victor.sovetov@REDACTED
Fri Oct 2 20:07:28 CEST 2009

> > Honestly, specifically accelerated hardware
> > solutions (most probably FPGA-based) should win the battle. This
> > discussion reminded me what  Marc Battyani
> I referred to Marc's solution in the beginning of this thread ;-).

Ah, sorry, sometimes I'm so inattentive :)
But what I was going to say... Probably, low latency trading is too
specific problem area for Erlang. Erlang can find a niche as the
language for writing monitoring and management software (and there are
no others can beat Erlang on this field) but not for implementing main
functionality of such systems. It's like the situation with HPC.
Almost all production software for parallel supercomputers is MPI-
based, but Erlang is inapplicable in this area because it's great in
MPI but not in calculations, and even great MPI model of Erlang is too
expensive for HPC purposes.



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