[erlang-questions] Storing erlang terms in RDMBS

Koushik Narayanan koushik.list@REDACTED
Sun May 31 05:45:56 CEST 2009


> >
> > One naive idea would be to base64 the binary, but that is ineffecient
> > and surely there should be a better way.
> >
> "inefficient" will depend on whether you are looking to minimise time or 
> space. I do
>       term_to_binary -> zlib:deflate -> base64 encode
> The deflate cancels out the space growth of base64. I doubt the execution time 
> matters compared against the work done writing it to the db.

Thanks for the tip, I could use that in a few places. For this problem I think,
the erl_parse,erl_scan way would be better.

Koushik Narayanan

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