[erlang-questions] Remote module compilation

Alin Popa <>
Tue May 26 12:59:12 CEST 2009


It is possible to send remote a module source and that one to be compiled
there ?
Or, I have a compiled module but is not loaded on the remote process; is it
possible to send it there, or I should express load it on the remote
This is my test module:


test_fun() ->
   io:format("Hello ~p~n",["World"]).*

now, start one erlang process(on 1st machine):

*erl -name  -setcookie test123*

... start other erlang process (on 2nd machine):
*erl -name  -setcookie test123*

In 1st node:

*1> c(test).
{ok, test}
In 2nd node, do nothing...

In the 1st node:

*2> spawn('', test, test_fun, []).*

*Error in process <0.49.0> on node '' with exit value:

(Which is normal, I think)

So, somewhere in this *flow, *something like *remote module loading* can be
done ?



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