[erlang-questions] ErlangXcode (Help appreciated)

Jon Gretar Borgthorsson jongretar@REDACTED
Sat May 23 22:28:49 CEST 2009

Hi there.
I've recently started working again on the Erlang plugin for Xcode (
http://github.com/JonGretar/erlangxcode) hoping to make Xcode a kick ass IDE
for Erlang development on the Mac. It kinda works but I have a bit of a
problem with the Erlang language specification. Can't quite get it right
even though it works in the basics. Lexical analysis simply something I have
not ever dealt with before and it's not quite clicking with me. :)

Anyways. Thought I'd mention here that I was having a problem with this and
if any Apple users here felt like taking a stab at the spec file with me it
would be greatly appreciated.

Here is also a video I made a while back showing how Erlang looks like in
Xcode. http://static.jongretar.net/ErlangX/ErlangXCode-tb1-screencast1.html

 - Jon Gretar Borgthorsson
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